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Grab-N-Go Zoomable Focusing Flashlight In 5 Colors



Lightweight aircraft aluminum body? Check. Able to adjust the flashlights beam from wide to narrow with a flick of the wrist? Check. Push-button on/off? SOS and strobe mode? Small, go anywhere footprint? Check, check and check.

We could also tell you its the perfect light for your camping backpack, yourglove box, or your bag, as it is approx. 5.4 long and 1 in diameter,but lets focus (pun intended) on the colors. Why? Lets say the power goes out and its nearly pitch black in your kitchen. Whats easier: finding the bright purple flashlight in your catch-all drawer, or locating the black one?Load it up with 3 AAA batteries (not included), and youve got a small, powerful, feature-filled flashlight.

The Grab-n-Go has 5 modes:

  • Normal, mid-focus beam
  • Wide focus beam (great for lighting up an entire room or lawn)
  • Narrow focus beam (great for focusing all the light on something in the distance, such as a road sign on a rainy night)
  • SOS (the flashlight will repeat the Morse code signal for distress. A terrific idea for hikers, campers and boaters)
  • Strobe mode

Additional information

Weight 0.14 kg

Black, Chocolate, Green, Purple, Red


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